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Consultation with a Licensed Physician:

Each patient will receive a Doctor’s exam with a Licensed Physician. History, information and vital signs will be taken and the Doctor will determine if a medicinal marijuana recommendation is right for you.


Doctor’s letter for proof of exam:

Each patient will receive a Doctor’s letter for proof of exam. Always be safe and carry this letter or your card with you, but be discreet about it and only use it when and where it is needed. It is your proof of being a Prop 215 patient. All caregivers will also require this letter with their first visit.


Pocket recommendation card:

Each patient will also receive a pocket card. This can be used at any collective after initial registration. It is small, convenient and easily carried with you. Keep your Physician’s letter safe with your pocket card.


Caregiver’s license:

For those in extreme need, we provide caregiver’s licenses. If you are immobile or seriously ill and cannot make it to your designated collective, you may select one person who is legally responsible for your care to pick it up for you. That person is your “designated caregiver”. This gives them the right to pick up and drop off only for you. The initial Doctor’s visit is still necessary.


24/7 Online verification:

Any time, any place. No waiting or wondering. Get your medication right when you need it with 24/7 online verification. Other Doctors have office hours. With the 24/7 online verification, any collective can verify you at any time. No more waiting until Monday morning.


What to bring with you to your Doctor’s visit:

– Valid California ID/Driver’s license or proof of residency.

– Any medical records/prescription medications you may have that pertain to your condition.

– Any prior medical marijuana recommendations.

– Payment Method: Cash Only